Ani Rigzin Lhamu completed 5 years of indigenous medicine studies and becomes a indigenous doctor

We celebrate Ani Rigzin Lhamu’s Achievements. Ani Rigzin completed nine years of Buddhist Philosophy studies, equivalent to a Master’s degree from Pema Choling Nunnery, Bumthang, under Gangtey Tulku Rinpoche.  After she completed her studies, she taught in the same nunnery for over one year. In 2012, she enrolled to study indigenous medicine (Sowa-Rigpa) in the indigenous hospital in Thimphu, with financial support of the Bhutan Nuns Foundation. She successfully completed five years training this year, 2017. The priceless reward for us as a supporting foundation is to see the accomplishments of nuns like Ani Rigzin and their readiness to serve the society.

Currently she is interning at the indigenous hospital, an experience that is vital for her to be able to practice. She will work closely with BNF; spending a month in each of the nunneries examining the nuns’ health and well-being while also benefiting the local communities that are close to the nunneries.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ms. Silvia Hansel, our education scholarship supporter from Switzerland, without whose support Ani Rigzin could not have pursued her study in indigenous medicine. We hope together we will continue to support furthering the education of our nuns and equip them with skills and knowledge that they can share with rest of the women in the nunneries and other fellow citizens.

Last but not the least; we thank Gangtey Tulku Rinpoche for being open-minded and supporting our suggestions in letting her take on this endeavor. It is the Blessings of Rinpoche and Her Majesty the Queen Mother, the Patron of the Foundation that we are able to initiate such ventures and support our nuns to take on different areas of educational activities without obstacles. We wish Ani Rigzin all the best in carrying on meaningful services throughout her life.

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