The BNF will implement a systematic program to improve living conditions and provide practical education at each nunnery in Bhutan.  With the baseline research conducted by Dr. Tashi Zangmo in every nunnery in the coundty, a detailed action plan is being developed and implemented.  The most dilapidated and needy nunneries will receive attention first. The foremost important work include building or refurbishing sleeping quarters, bathrooms, kitchens, libraries and classrooms.

Leveraging economies of scale, a nationwide nunnery education program will be implemented.  A key aspect of the program will be providing adult literacy and practical, self-sufficiency skills training.  Teachers, preferably nuns, will be trained, initially in India, then at a BNF training facility.  Supplies, books and other learning materials will be provided.  The BNF will establish partnerships with NGO’s, government agencies and other groups.  An association/network of nunneries will be established to share best practices and provide mutual support.

There is much work to be done.  Nearly all of Bhutan’s nunneries have poor living conditions and provide little to no basic education.